Collection: Women's Denim Overalls

                                     The Bluejean Overalls 👖

Not just Will Smith daring the overalls, Alexa Chung's denim bib stole the spotlight, and Alessandra Ambrosio rocked the denim bib, earning praise from the American press! Timeless and forever embodying both trendiness and a touch of quirkiness, the blue jean overalls evolves each year, bringing even more comfort and style. Yet, its true advantage lies in its versatility.
Vibrant in summer ☀️, always in denim or lighter materials, the Overall Shorts suggests a refined taste for fashion and a desire for emancipation—perfect for your upcoming summer vacations. In winter ❄️, the warmth of cotton and denim keeps you cozy, and the bib serves as a perfect ally against cheese fondue mishaps!

Personalize your Overalls! ✂️

For a quick update, add patches! Cut different square shapes from old denim pants or jackets you no longer wear. Use fabric chalk to outline the sections you want to cover. Sew the patches onto your overalls with a needle and thread.
Find the needle and thread at a fabric store or your local euro store! Create a trendy look by mixing light and dark denim patches throughout your creation.
You can also experiment with paint! Enhance your overalls by dipping a sponge into paint and pressing it onto the denim fabric. Use a brush for light strokes in specific areas. Be careful to create a clean pattern that doesn't look like a craft project.
Try using white or blue paint that matches the woven fibers of denim. For a different painting technique, paint a design on one of your back pockets! Make sure to use acrylic paint, as it is more effective on denim fabric. 🎨
Easily add distressed areas to your blue jean overalls by cutting small holes and pulling out the blue threads with tweezers. The blue threads should be vertical, and the white threads horizontal. For a quicker distressed look, simply pinch the threads with tweezers.
You can also distress the pockets of your jeans by running a razor along the fabric in a back-and-forth motion, at the bottom of the pocket seam (no specific area). If you want to soften the fabric, use sandpaper back and forth in the area you want to transform.
Your overalls is finally ready, personalized, and even more beautiful! 🌸

How to Wear the Blue Jean Overall? 👜

Like classic jeans, the overall is easy to wear; the key is to find the right mix with the rest of your wardrobe. The timeless look and nostalgic feel of overalls remind us of our childhood, where we wore this protective garment to avoid getting dirty and to enjoy every moment outdoors, always in its unique and comfortable style. Not only are these denim cotton beauties resistant to the test of time, but they are also remarkably fashionable.
Classics like the Sailor Overalls and the Denim Large Overalls effortlessly complement any style, whether you're in spring, summer, fall, or somewhere in between. You'll also find many other models in a variety of styles, shapes, finishes, and colors, all equally wonderful. 🛍️
What to remember? The blue jean overalls has a casual side that balances its professional look—any top pairs beautifully with a blue jean overall, the key is to choose the colors wisely. Wear sneakers and a printed headband for a pop of color, for example. For even more style inspiration, don't forget to subscribe to our newsletter. 📧