Collection: Green Overalls

The Green Overalls 🍏

The green overall manifests in various styles. Whether wide-legged with a bell-bottom flare, in khaki denim, or designed for work, Over Allz® strives daily to discover gems that will enrich our collection of green overalls! The vintage khaki bib is making a strong and confident comeback, so seize the opportunity! Green is a positive color regardless of the season. Hence, a green overall perfectly pairs with a warm jacket or a white blouse if the weather is milder! Versatile and thoroughly modern, the Olive Green Fashion Overalls represents multi-seasonal green overalls. Adding a vintage and casual touch to your wardrobe.

Different Materials 🔬

Our khaki overalls come in several categories:
Khaki Cotton Overall: Light and hand-sewn, organic cotton is a significant asset for the garment. The bib benefits from great flexibility and unmatched softness. Recycling organic cotton overalls adheres to strict and respectful environmental standards.
Khaki Denim Overall: Rare but not without reputation, the khaki denim overall has graced trendy runways. Denim provides a stiffness that gives the overall a cool '70s vibe!
Khaki Polyester Overall: The khaki polyester overall is finely woven and provides all the comfort you expect. The properties of spandex and polyester are astonishing. The combination of the two microfibers offers quick drying, without deformation, and without fraying. Practical for a rustic stroll! 🍂

The Psychology of Green 🌳

Green is the color of hope and nature. The color of growth, spring, and, above all, rebirth. It renews and restores energy. It shields us from the daily pressures of modern life, giving back a sense of well-being. Emotional green is a positive color, giving us the ability to excel and help others unconditionally.

As a combination of yellow and blue, green becomes mental clarity and optimism from yellow and emotional peace from blue. Thus, green is a color of good judgment, with a keen sense of right and wrong. It seems both sides of the equation weigh on these two aspects, making the right decision from a moral standpoint.

Favorable properties of green include growth, vitality, independence, reliability, security, calmness, sensitivity, practicality, compassion, loyalty, flexibility, and kindness. All these hidden qualities within a khaki overall. 🌱