Collection: Overall Dress

The Dress Overall 👗

A blend of a dress and overalls, the dress overall asserts itself as a must-have in a stylish, girly wardrobe. In denim, Bluejean, or vintage, you'll undoubtedly find THE overall that resonates with your style! Like Cameron Diaz on the runways, dare to wear a sophisticated and timeless garment!

The Luisa Overall Dress embodies summer and fully embodies the values of Over Allz®. Both classic and modern, it is versatile and will shine in your daily wardrobe.

For all of us, dresses represent an essential piece in our wardrobe. All our dress overalls are crafted with genuine and high-quality fabrics. They won't irritate your skin when worn. The fabrics are designed to provide you with unparalleled softness, pampering your skin.

We can't talk about the advantages of the dress overall without mentioning its elegant appeal. If you're looking to switch up your outfits, you can wear a denim dress overall for this reason.

The Denim Dress Overall 👖

The Denim Overalls is a unique outfit that can be styled in various ways, whether with a sweatshirt and sneakers or a fitted black top and ankle boots. But there's another version of the 90s classic that is a bit more chic and serves as the perfect layering piece over your favorite fall sweaters and blouses: the Overall Dress, a slightly less "tomboyish" version of the trend.

Just like the classic overall, the piece features Dungaree-style straps on top but then takes the form of a dress below. It's still a unique piece that is actually super easy to wear and offers endless styling possibilities.
The dress overall is comfortable and so easy to wear. With the variety of washes, prints, and fabrics, you can throw it over any top in your wardrobe for an effortless fall look in seconds.

That's why Over Allz has curated the best dress overalls (in denim, corduroy, leopard print, or stripes) and strives every day to blend quantity with quality.
Whether you're preparing your #summerstyle or getting ready for a tropical vacation, these dress overalls are made for you. ☀️

Why the Dress Overall? 💎

There are several things you need to know when wearing a dress overall. First, it works at all times and effortlessly in every season, though we recommend good tights for winter enjoyment. It pairs with a simple top or a blouse for a unique and cohesive outfit, but you can also play with the various colors to express your style.

Whether in denim, leather, or cotton, like the Orange Dress Overall, we offer a wide selection of dress overalls in different styles and themes, making it easy to find the perfect piece at any time. As a complete garment covering both the lower and upper body, it's a piece that requires careful selection and coordination with a blouse, a hat, or a handbag that complements the color of your overall. Extremely comfortable, it is highly appreciated for many occasions, whether for everyday adventures or a night out with friends! 🥂