Collection: White Overalls

White Overalls ☁️

Embrace the understated and perfectly trendy style of our White Overalls, offering a distinct and timeless look. Easy to match, these overalls suit all body types and pair seamlessly with colorful tops that beautifully contrast with the white hue. Whether in shorts, denim, or organic cotton, Over Allz® provides a wide range of light overalls ideal for showcasing your style and expressing your love for fashion. 🌟

Different Materials 🔬

Our White Overalls come in various categories:
White Cotton Overalls: Lightweight and handmade, organic cotton is a significant asset for the garment. The overall boasts flexibility and unparalleled softness. Recycling organic cotton overalls adheres to strict and eco-friendly environmental standards.
White Denim Overalls: Both trendy and vintage, white denim overalls continue to evolve and offer new cuts each year. This year, the White Jean Overall Shorts take center stage! 🏆
White Polyester Overalls: White polyester overalls are finely woven and provide all the comfort you expect. The properties of elastane and polyester are amazing, offering quick drying without deformation or fraying. ❄️

The Psychology of White ⬜️

White is the color of perfection. It embodies clarity and is a blend of the three wavelengths of natural colors in sunlight: red, blue, and green.

Its meaning is purity, innocence, fulfillment, and completion.

It doesn't evoke emotions but opens new paths. It is the color of new beginnings, awakening openness, growth, creativity, and purity.

White is the color of protection and encouragement, offering a sense of peace, tranquility, comfort, and hope. It creates a feeling of order and efficiency. Worn on overalls, white becomes radiant and stands out in its simplicity.