Collection: Overall Shorts

The Summer Short Overall 🩳

Crafted to accompany you during the warm seasons, the short overall is a must-have in your suitcase for summer adventures with friends. Nothing is easier and more practical to wear than this garment perfectly tailored to your needs. We offer a wide range of hues to complement your summer outfits.
Embrace the iconic style of denim overalls or experiment with vibrant colors like white, olive green, yellow, or orange. Opt for breathable and durable materials to ensure exceptional comfort and achieve an understated urban look that exudes style and elegance. It's casual, offering numerous possibilities to personalize your own style. The relaxed fit, coupled with loose and soft fabrics in a variety of colors, provides a delightful and versatile wardrobe. ✨

The Summer Overall? 🏖️

Be daring, almost anything goes—the key is to feel good in the style and colors you've chosen. Bring your style to life and make a statement at beach parties with a short overall. Break free with a fitted, distressed, and frayed cut paired with a striped t-shirt and your latest pair of sneakers for a modern look. If you aim to draw attention to your fashion tastes, opt for a loose, colorful top with wide overall straps unfastened. Once again, sneakers are the ultimate urban shoes, making them a perfect match for your overall.

For a trendy look, try the Denim Overall Shorts, paired with a wool scarf for enjoying marvelous landscapes on your vacation. Accessorize with a simple hat or cap 🧢, and you'll be ready for unforgettable adventures. More casual and equally comfortable, drop the straps and wear the bib upside down, paired with a casual cotton t-shirt—simple and effective, perfect for relaxation.

Different Styles of Short Overalls ☀️

Overalls don't necessarily need buttons; you can also opt for zippered overalls, a more unique style seen on some high-fashion runways. Current fashion leans towards streetwear, defined by a street style that combines comfort and modern allure.
Athletes and skaters particularly appreciate it as it allows them to carry everything they need with large storage pockets. Sportswear short overalls are designed to accompany athletes in their movements while carrying their music, phone, keys, and cards—these pockets serve multiple purposes. 🔑
Historically, the Work Overalls has greatly inspired the design of short overalls, evident in the numerous pockets on this summer overall. Many variations have emerged from this workwear blue. Some models also offer cotton or linen overalls, patterned or in camouflage, paired with an open-buttoned shirt or a sweatshirt around the waist. Mix and match patterns as you please!