Collection: Beige Overalls

The Beige Overall ☀️

The beige overall emerges in various styles. Whether loose with a bell-bottom flare, in khaki denim, or tailored for work, Over Allz® strives daily to discover treasures that will enrich our collection of beige overalls! The vintage beige bib is making a stylish and confident return, so seize the moment! Beige is a timeless color, exuding warmth in every season. Thus, a beige overall effortlessly pairs with a cozy jacket or a crisp white shirt in warmer weather! Versatile and thoroughly modern, the classic beige overalls represents a blend of elegance and casual charm.

Different Materials 🔬

Our beige overalls come in several categories:
Beige Cotton Overall: Light and meticulously hand-sewn, organic cotton is a remarkable asset for the garment. The bib boasts great flexibility and unparalleled softness. Recycling organic cotton overalls adheres to strict and respectful environmental standards.
Beige Denim Overall: Rare but with a distinct reputation, the beige denim overall has graced trendy runways. Denim provides a rigidity that gives the overall a touch of '70s flair!
Beige Polyester Overall: The beige polyester overall is finely woven, providing all the comfort you expect. The properties of spandex and polyester are astonishing. The combination of these microfibers offers quick drying, without deformation, and without fraying. Perfect for a leisurely stroll! 🍂

The Psychology of Beige ☀️

Beige is the color of warmth and timelessness. The color of comfort, simplicity, and a touch of elegance. It exudes a sense of calmness and a timeless quality that transcends trends. Beige brings a sense of tranquility and versatility to your wardrobe, making it a staple for every season. As a neutral hue, beige pairs effortlessly with other colors, creating a harmonious and sophisticated look. The beige overall is not just a garment; it's an embodiment of style and timeless appeal. 🌟