Collection: Men's Work Overalls

The Work Overall 🔨

The Work Overall has undergone a metamorphosis, adapting seamlessly to independent workers! Whether for plumbing, gardening, or giving the downstairs room a fresh coat of paint, its ingenuity makes this garment a Swiss army knife of attire. Choose a classy and intelligent overall, equipped with tactical pockets on the front and sides. The bib of the Brown Corduroy Work Overalls stands out for its elegance and high-quality craftsmanship.

We all know how essential it is to feel good in your workwear blues. What could be better than a garment that ensures unwavering support for enduring comfort on a construction site all day long? 👷

A Workwear Essential! 📐

Ingenious and well-conceived, overalls for at-home work were originally crafted for factory workers and substantial manual labor. Initially, Levi Strauss declared, "Overalls are inexpensive and versatile." He foresaw that in the future, the overall with suspenders would become a full-fledged fashion item! Primarily produced with durable and robust denim, it perfectly suited the workers of the time. Many of these practical aspects are found in the Denim Overall with a more modern cut. It also inherits the benefits of workwear, becoming an indispensable fashion piece in recent years. Easily accessible tactical pockets and a perfectly maintained pair of pants— a modern-day plumber fits perfectly into one of our overalls! 👖

Becoming a Timeless Classic! 🔧

The overall has been an essential tool for generations of craftsmen, a symbol that has transcended eras and remains perfectly suited for modern tasks. Its thick weave of denim cotton, like in the past, provides quality and resilience against the test of time. 🕰️

Renowned for its reliability, durability, and functional versatility, it seems that work overalls never grow old! Woven from resilient polyester and meshed cotton at over 65%, the seams are meticulous and perfectly maintained. Who doesn't remember Rachel's famous Short Denim Overall in "Friends," turning a garment into something so trendy from a simple bib attachment? The Work Overall has modernized, with refined seams giving rise to multifunctional overalls, perfect for both urban and home settings!
If you lean more towards fishing 🎣, the Fisher's Overalls is a true gem of creativity and functionality. Equipped with buttoned pockets, you can easily store your hooks and bait.