Collection: Women's Overall Shorts

The Women's Short Overall ☀️

Are you a woman? Mature? Elegant? If you've answered yes, then you can certainly rock a shorts overall. Wearing an overall that echoes your childhood might seem a bit peculiar at first, but when worn right, the look can pleasantly surprise you!

If you've already warmed up to the idea of donning overalls during your single-digit years and are ready to revisit this look for the warm months, there are numerous ways to style the denim short overall. 👖

Whether paired with a striped t-shirt or a printed long-sleeved shirt, these casual short overalls will complement your wardrobe beautifully!

The Denim Overall Shorts ✂️

The strength of denim lies in its durability! The Denim Short Overall is no exception; you can keep it for years. The weaving of cotton and denim provides exemplary resistance to washing and drying; the stitches and fastenings of our straps are woven by professionals.
If you wish, you can also personalize your overall by distressing it yourself to give it that streetwear or trendy vibe you resonate with.

Different Styles of Overalls

In the realm of fashion, current trends take us back to the '90s. Bringing back retro pieces that were the heart of our childhood, as seen in our collection of Vintage Overalls, modernizing the old-world charm of these garments allows you to customize and play with your style in tune with the latest trends. Keep it simple and classic when wearing your favorite overalls. If you're unsure how to style a short overall, you'll find plenty of inspiration and ideas in our collection dedicated to this summer attire! Ideal for all summer outings, it gives off that cool hipster vibe at the forefront of current trends. The tailored or loose cuts of our short overalls are perfect for giving you a natural punch and a dynamically stylish silhouette. Everything you need to shine brightly this summer! 🏖️

White or black? With or without pockets? The Overall® offers a wide range of short overalls, from simple short denim bibs to the sophisticated and versatile Blue Jean Short Overall. If you lean more towards an urban and DIY style, you might opt for a dark denim overall to avoid stains or unwanted distortions. On the terrace, you might prefer the Velvet Short Overall or linen, flexible and light, the linen short overall protects against heat strokes and has anti-sweat properties! 💦