Collection: Black Overalls

The Black Overall 🎱

The Black Overall is a classic in dark denim, radiant with charisma and personality. Made from polyester, organic cotton, or genuine denim, the finishing touches on our black overalls are sewn by hand, button by button!

The Black Overall is a ray of light for your evenings. Versatile and timeless, it's undoubtedly the most "friendly" garment you'll own. Whether it's a skinny hem or bell-bottom flare, Over All® showcases its finest pieces in deep and truly classy black. Wide bib or not, fashion enthusiasts will find here a clever addition to their wardrobe, a garment that's both original and friendly! Bring out your best white t-shirts and your pair of sneakers, and embrace a modern and confident style. 👟

Elegant, Timeless, the Overall You Need!

Overalls in all colors and materials have made a big comeback this year, but it's the black models that catch our interest. Classic and timeless, black is the most universally flattering color and will never be out of season. We love how fashion-forward individuals are styling black overalls this season, whether in denim, satin, or leather. Dress them up with a feminine blouse and heels, or dress them down with a white T-shirt and sneakers - the possibilities are endless.

The Psychology of Black ♠️

Black is the color of mystery and the unknown, the color of protection.

In color psychology, black signifies protection from external emotional stress. It brings comfort while safeguarding feelings, emotions, and hiding weaknesses, insecurities, and lack of confidence. It also represents power and control, discipline, independence, and strong will.

Due to its strength, black is intimidating, unfriendly, and unapproachable. It commands authority and instills fear. Black conceals, while white reveals.

It absorbs negative energy and thus protects us from harmful and negative things in everyday activities outside the home.

It's a blend of all colors with a lack of light.