Collection: Yellow Overalls

The Yellow Overall ☀️

Infuse your wardrobe with positivity and good vibes with our radiant Hipe Vintage yellow overalls! 🔥 Its unique style is sure to brighten up practical afternoons or leisurely strolls in the park. Explore various shades and materials in our yellow overall range to experience the best in overall fashion in 2020!

Various Fabrics 🔬

Our yellow overalls come in several categories:
Yellow Cotton Overall: Light and hand-sewn, organic cotton is a significant asset to the garment. The overall boasts flexibility and unparalleled softness. Recycling organic cotton overalls adheres to strict and eco-friendly environmental standards.
Yellow Denim Overall: Introducing the yellow denim overall, rare and one-of-a-kind, it shines in any gathering and is easy to pair. With a light-colored t-shirt, a gray bag, and Stan Smiths, the yellow denim overall is THE must-have. Authentic denim is flexible and durable. 🍋
Yellow Polyester Overall: The yellow polyester overall is finely woven, providing all the comfort you desire. The properties of spandex and polyester are amazing. The blend of these microfibers offers quick drying, without deformation or fraying. Perfect for a summer stroll!

The Psychology of Yellow 💛

The color yellow embraces challenges, especially mental challenges. It aids in decision-making when we focus, such as when studying and during exams.

People going through significant life changes may find yellow challenging. They struggle to cope with stress-inducing changes. When combined with soft green and orange, they find balance.

The positive characteristics of yellow include optimism, cheerfulness, enthusiasm, pleasure, humor, confidence, originality, creativity, wisdom, and logic.