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Captain Old Navy Overall Shorts

Captain Old Navy Overall Shorts

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Warm sandy beaches are just waiting for her! Captain old navy overall shorts with the detached straps are a must-have for summer vacations! Its cotton denim composition is a must-have for beach parties. One of its assets lies in its detachable straps which allow you to play with your trends and follow your desires. Classic, its cut is dressed with mended pieces that give this effect torn streetwear.

  • Straps with hooks
  • Casual shorts
  • 1 flap pocket on the bib
  • 2 waist pockets + 2 pockets on the back of shorts
  • Low-temperature wash/dry
  • A light cotton denim blue
  • Composition: 84% cotton denim, 16% polyester
  • Ideal for a beach day in Copacabana! 🏖️

Old Navy Overall Shorts

🔔 Don't forget to refer to the SIZE GUIDE. Our overalls are US size, so you can take your regular size. 🧵

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