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Tawny Large Size Jeans Bib Overalls

Tawny Large Size Jeans Bib Overalls

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The new and timeless color of the brown tawny large-size bib overalls makes them an undisputed must-have in any wardrobe. We understand why when we see it! Its unique style comes from its gradient of colors which gives the powerful and majestic side of its fabric inspired by the biggest wildcats of the savanna. It's one size will fit your figure perfectly for a trendy look, especially thanks to its adjustable straps on the bib to give you the freedom to express your style on any occasion!

The model is 5'6" and weighs 60kg.

  • Adjustable suspenders
  • One size
  • 2 Patch Pockets on bib
  • 2 Front Rider Pockets
  • Casual fit
  • A wild hue 🦁
  • Composition: 78% Cotton, 20% polyester and 2% elastane
  • Wash / Cold dry preferred
  • Ideal for an afternoon with friends! 🌄
Large Size Bib Overalls

    🔔 Don't forget to refer to the SIZE GUIDE. Our overalls are US size, so you can take regular size.

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