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Denim Overalls Large Pamplum

Denim Overalls Large Pamplum

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Without hesitation, THE centerpiece of the boutique, the wide Pamplum dungarees are woven from authentic denim cotton! Its vintage appearance offers unparalleled elegance and simplicity. The bib with a pocket is held by silver-plated rivets and fastenings, revealing loose bluejean pants, perfectly in tune with the times. The Pamplum dungarees are perfect for strolling on a Sunday afternoon through the shops! ☀️🛍️

Lucie measures 1m68 and wears size L.

  • Adjustable hook straps
  • 1 Tactical pocket on the bib
  • 2 Italian pockets on the front and back
  • Authentic denim cotton 👖
  • Confident loose trousers!
  • Style: Florence, Italy 🇮🇹
  • Composition: 94% Cotton Denim, 3% Polyester, and 3% Elastane
  • Washing / Drying at low temperature
  • Ideal for a small outing with friends! ⭐️

Denim Large Overalls

Like the rare jewel of a boutique that knows its deepest secrets, emerges the wide Pamplum dungarees. Wrapped in the authenticity of woven denim cotton, it evokes a bygone era where vintage comes to life with unique elegance, tinted with refined simplicity. The silver-plated rivets and fastenings, like keepers of mysteries, secure the bib with a pocket, revealing wide bluejean pants that resonate perfectly with the current era. Like a melody dedicated to the Sunday stroller in the heart of shopping alleys, the Pamplum dungarees stand as the perfect companion. ☀️

In Lucie's aura, measuring 1m68, the garment comes to life, confidently tailored in size L, revealing the harmony between the person and the piece.

The straps, like a riddle to solve, gracefully tie, creating a space of mystery that houses a tactical pocket on the bib. The Italian pockets, like accomplices in the adventure, hide at the front and back, uniting practicality and aesthetics. The denim cotton, a time witness 👖, unfolds in wide trousers, where comfort embraces confidence. It's as if the style of Florence, Italy, has seamlessly embodied itself in this creation.

The composition of this masterpiece combines an alchemy of the past and innovation. 🕰️ Taking care of this artifact requires gentle attention, a washing imbued with tenderness, and drying orchestrated at a low temperature to preserve its initial brilliance.

And when an outing with friends is on the horizon, these dungarees become the perfect adventure companion, a shining star in the most ordinary moments. ⭐️

🔔 Don't forget to refer to the SIZE GUIDEOur overalls are US size, so you can take regular size. 🧵

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