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Men's Grizzy Blue Jean Overalls

Men's Grizzy Blue Jean Overalls

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The men's Grizzy blue jeans overalls are a timeless classic. But when real denim and cotton come together, it's a really cool pair of vintage denim dungarees. Its faded, Old School style is reminiscent of the fabulous era of the Fresh Prince of Bel-Air and Will Smith who had his own way of wearing it! Equipped with a solid and resistant denim bib, the cut of the overalls remains loose and tight at the ankles. Two side pockets enhance the "street clothing" side of the outfit, the crossed frame in the back reinforces this idea. Modern and really stylish, The Grizzy overalls are a limited edition, you must quickly enjoy it!

The model is 6'2" and wears XL.

  • Crossed suspenders with buttons
  • Easy hang
  • 2 pockets at waist
  • Original denim cut
  • Low-temperature wash/dry
  • Composition: cotton denim 62%, cotton 24%, 14% elastane
  • Ideal for a shelf mount
  • Limited Edition

Blue Jean Overalls Mens

🔔 Don't forget to refer to the SIZE GUIDE. Our overalls are US size, so you can take your usual size. 🧵

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