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Black Tactical Fashion Overalls

Black Tactical Fashion Overalls

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It's easy to see why the men's black tactical overalls have become a must-have for trendy wardrobes. Its timeless look has crossed the ages to make it an indestructible classic of streetwear fashion. Designed to help Japanese craftsmen, it has many discreet pockets to store all the necessary. As a tribute, it was put forward in the high places of Tokyo before seducing the rest of the world! The dark color of its pants gives a confident spirit to your strides to advance in your projects with the class. Plus the 7/8 cut tightened on the ankles brings out your latest pair of sneakers for a look you can't live without!

The model is 6'3" and wears XL.

  • Clip-on suspenders
  • Casual cut tight at the ankle
  • 1 small gusseted pocket on the bib
  • 2 waist pockets + 2 tactical back pockets
  • Low-temperature wash/dry
  • A stylish black! ⚫
  • Composition: 72% cotton, 22% polyester and 6% elastane
  • Ideal for looking your best!

🔔 Don't forget to refer to the SIZE GUIDE. Our overalls are size US, so you can take your usual size. 🧵

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