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Arctic Hickory Stripe Fashion Overalls

Arctic Hickory Stripe Fashion Overalls

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To the glory of Coluche, a french humorist the men's Hickory striped overalls would have appealed to our greatest overalls advocate! Hickory dungarees are a fashion jewel that must be tailored precisely. Woven from a combination of cotton mesh and cotton denim, the fabric stays soft and lightweight. You can wear it very well at the waist as Will Smith did in the "Fresh Prince of Bel-Air" era. With rangers and a colorful top, the striped Hickory overalls offer an exemplary outfit and offer new horizons to dungarees in BlueJean.

The model is 5'7" and wears XL.

  • Buckle suspenders
  • Classic frame
  • Lightweight denim fabric, cotton alloy
  • 2 pockets at waist + back
  • Low-temperature wash/dry
  • Fascinating blue stripe 🔹
  • Composition: 51% cotton denim, 49% cotton
  • Ideal for a walk in the woods 🌳
Hickory Stipe Overalls

🔔 Don't forget to refer to the SIZE GUIDE. Our overalls are size US, so you can take your regular size. 🧵

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