Collection: Blue Overalls

The Blue Overalls đź’™

The blue overalls comes in many trendy variations with a touch of hipster flair! Timeless, the overalls is celebrating nearly 70 years of resounding success, bringing with it a rich history and evolution through the ages. In blue cotton, it effortlessly complements the theme of work from home or outdoor activities 🌳. The Denim Overalls occasionally features a vintage Blue Jean that takes us back to the glorious '90s. Back then, Will Smith proudly sported his denim overalls at the waist, already expressing his love for this unique and rebellious garment. Whether for home projects or a bowling night with colleagues, the blue overalls is making a stylish comeback!

The Denim Overalls, a Story Unfolded! đź‘–

The blue jean overalls made its debut in 17th-century India, where the fabric used for crafting durable and affordable workwear was called "Dungri," the Hindi name of the Indian village producing this robust fabric. When the English purchased the fabric for making work pants, they adopted the name "Dungri" and added a British touch, naming the fabric "dungaree."
In 1853, the bib and the pants united to form the first denim overalls. This design was conceived by Levi Strauss and his business partner Jacob Davis. Ideal for strenuous tasks, the overalls, with its bib, facilitated tool-carrying and eliminated the need for belts. They gained such popularity across America that they swiftly became the standard attire for the working class. The color of the overalls was even coded based on the wearer's profession: hickory stripe for railway workers, white for painters, and various shades of blue for other laborers. The denim overalls was born, destined for enduring success even to this day! đź’™

The Psychology of Blue

Blue is the color of peace and harmony, maturity, rationality, precision, capabilities, and high values. It's also the color of trust, honesty, and loyalty.

Psychologically, blue is reliable, indicating inner security and confidence.

It's idealistic, enhancing our expression and communication abilities, inspiring higher ideals. The wisdom of blue comes from its higher intelligence, spiritual perspective, dedication, and religiosity.

It's conservative and predictable. It's nostalgic, connecting the entire past, present, and future in the experience of the past. It perfectly aligns with the blue overalls and its vintage spirit!