What to Wear Women's Overalls With

What to Wear Women's Overalls With?

Some people thought that overalls were out of fashion and put them in the closet, but they have become trendy again. Appeared in the 90s, it has been modernized and womanized to be worn in all circumstances, day and evening. We find it in a panoply of materials, shapes and prints but with what to wear the overalls?

1- A little history: how were overalls worn?

The overalls are basically a work garment with high-waisted pants extending upwards and attached by straps. Made in France, in Lyon in the middle of the 19th century, it included a pocket for practical purposes and was then modernized and popularized in the middle of the 20th century, with models adapted to the times.

Today, overalls have become a must-have piece of women's dressing:

  • casual, in jeans, fleece or sportswear (fitness, skiing, sailing ...)
  • sophisticated, in velvet, silk... imagined by the designers of luxury brands

An outfit that is also popular with pregnant women, with adapted models. Overalls have been able to adapt to the times and to women. But which models to choose among all the existing models of overalls for women?

Women's Bluejeans Overalls

2- The models of overalls to choose

There are overalls of several forms:

  • short like shorts or skirts
  • wide like short skirts
  • long like the classic form of pants

Depending on the season, some materials more or less fluid, more or less warm will be more appropriate:

  • in winter: velvet or fleece overalls to stay warm
  • in summer : overalls in soft linen to let the skin breathe
  • multi-season : denim or jeans

Overalls are practical and adaptable to be worn in all circumstances, anywhere: just match them with the right outfits in your wardrobe.

3- What to wear with overalls

One overall, several styles

Depending on your style, casual, classic or sophisticated, and your desires, you will wear overalls in different ways:

  • casual or everyday: cotton or denim overalls with a white T-shirt and tennis shoes
  • streetwear or trendy: overalls in denim or jeans with a long-sleeved sweater and sneakers
  • classic or urban : a pair of overalls in slim jeans mixed with a flowing blouse or a plain blouse, and a pair of heels
  • hippie chic or romantic : overalls in denim or cotton with a flowing blouse with ethnic prints or patterns
  • sophisticated or glamorous: black velvet or flowing fabric overalls with a sheer sleeve top and a pair of pumps

Overalls for every season

Depending on the season, you will wear overalls with different clothes. Even if it is made of denim.

In winter or in cold weather, prefer velvet, suede or denim. Wear :

  • denim overalls with an oversized jacket, leather jacket for a vintage look
  • denim overalls with a turtleneck sweater or sweatshirt for a casual look
  • suede overalls with a white mesh blouse for a stylish look
  • accessorized with boots or sneakers

In summer or hot weather, choose suede or cotton:

  • overall skirt or shorts with a white sleeved top, for a baby doll look
  • overalls with a low cut top, for a sensual look
  • overalls with a tank top, to enjoy the sun
  • accessorized with white sneakers or tennis shoes

Overall shorts and dresses are ideal in flowing outfits for summer. Nothing prevents you from wearing them in winter if the fabric is velvet or suede or even denim worn with tights and a warm top. The usual overalls (pants) can be worn in all seasons.

Women's Mustard Overalls

Overall to wear according to your morphology

As for jeans, some cuts of overalls will make you look better:

  • if you are small: overalls close to the body, rather of slim cut. It will go well with heels
  • if you are round : overalls that are neither too close to the body nor too wide, but with a fitted cut, for example in elastane denim
  • if you are tall : cargo type overalls, wide at the bottom worn with a fitted top and boots or derbies

Fashion missteps to avoid when wearing overalls

You have been warned, to be avoided :

  • the total denim look: a fashion misstep that thickens and masculinizes the size
  • the combination of overalls and plaid shirt, neither feminine nor tasteful...
  • the loose or large overalls, comfortable but which risk to kill your look and give you a neglected look despite your efforts

Overalls are a basic and timeless piece of the feminine wardrobe: depending on the way you accessorize it, the clothes you wear with it, the style will be completely different. A garment that allows you to always surprise. With our advice, it's now up to you to choose the overalls that suit you.

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