The Plumbers Overalls

The Plumber's overalls

Have you ever wondered how all the pipes in his house or building work? The use of the bathroom is an important part of our daily routine because we must remain clean and healthy. 

Plumbers play an important role in making our cleaning routine so valuable. They have evolved over the last few centuries, as their decoration and the materials used have changed a lot. Today we will analyze their history and the evolution of their outfit.

1 - The History of Plumbing

The word plumbing is derived from the Latin term "plumbus" which means "lead" or "one who works in lead".

A plumber is a qualified person who specializes in the installation and maintenance of systems used for drinking water, wastewater and drainage in plumbing systems. According to modern historians, plumbing and modern sanitation began about 10,000 years ago. At that time, humans felt the need to collect and secure drinking water.

Ancient Egyptian plumbers improved the plumbing system by working with blacksmiths to create tools and pipes adapted to their needs to create their irrigation systems.

In the Roman Empire, roughly between 500 BC and 476 AD, they introduced innovative plumbing structures by transforming basic systems into extended systems that transported water. They are also considered models for modern sinks, toilets, showers, bathtubs and piping. This work was highly sought after as it ensured a rare comfort for all the inhabitants of a city.

Plumber's Blue Overalls

2 - The Evolution of the Plumber's Overalls

There was not much difference in the professional responsibilities of plumbers in ancient times that still exist today. In addition, they used to wear large coats during their working hours. However, things have changed dramatically over the last two centuries.

The plumbing profession has progressed in many ways, for example using materials different from those used in the 1800s, 1940s and 1950s. Beyond the materials used, their working clothes have also undergone major modifications. Soon, the overalls took a prominent place in the plumbing profession. Just as we saw the overalls worn by all the workers on the construction sites that built the big cities that we know today, the advantages of overalls are varied and have made it possible to improve working conditions as a tool. We have seen many craftsmen appreciate the characteristic charm of this blue work, such as for example the Painter's overalls where we talk about it in an article dedicated to the profession, the woodcutter's overalls, the Plumber overalls of course, we have found it in farms and agricultural trades as well. The increase in requirements in these trades with industrialization has allowed the overalls to gain a reputation among workers.

Luigi Mario Overalls

Numerous trends and large sewing houses have paid tribute to the craftsmen and offer collections including the famous postal workers' outfits, construction overalls, safety shoes and many others. Many of these pieces of equipment have made appearances on the podiums of the most prestigious Fashion-Week. One wonders why such a success for these basic clothing were studying and specialized for craftsmen and workers.

3 - Why The Plumber's Overalls?

Plumbers must wear workwear that is up to the task. Nowadays, durable bib and brace overalls are very popular in the plumbing industry. Because they offer comfort and long-lasting quality. The main purpose of using this outfit is to protect the knees because the nature of the work requires a lot of lowering to repair the pipes and go under the sinks. The straps that rub on your shoulders are designed with a soft resistant fabric to guarantee this comfort and that dress this entire coat, as well as for seams resistant to wear of time. This garment designed for the well-being of everyone.

Plumbers always wear a working overalls, also called dungarees, to protect their clothes from dirt. It is an obligation for them because they must wear washable and comfortable clothes. They must also wear eye protection and gloves.

Reinforcement at the knees, with a piece of fabric added, prevents fatigue and joint pain. In addition to overalls, it is also recommended to wear safety shoes or boots, because you never know what dangers you may face during your daily life.

How to talk about the plumber overalls without evoking that of a famous game that we all played at least once, it is of course Mario and Luigi, the 2 most famous plumbers. They symbolized the perfect alliance between overalls and the profession of plumbing.

In Conclusion:

For more than two millennium, and still today, plumbers and the plumbing industry have helped us optimize our water consumption and guarantee us a comfort in our lives that we can only appreciate. They are the ones who talk about it the best, for them good equipment is essential and it seems obvious to equip themselves with the best tools, it is in this perspective of well-being at work that the overalls have found their place in the hearts of plumbers.

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