Women's '90s Denim Overalls

How to Wear the '90s Version of Denim Overalls ?

It's been a couple of seasons now that overalls have reappeared in our female dressings. But this year, it's the 90's version of overalls that we love!

How to wear women's denim overalls? What cut of overalls to choose? How to accessorize a denim overalls for a perfect 90s look? Let's get to the point!

The 90's version of the denim overalls: a must-have!

Women's Denim Overalls

In the 90's, women's overalls were on every profile. Adopted in a traditional denim version, it looked at men and women inspired by pop culture and the great fashion icons of the time. 

Although it was then discarded for its teenage spirit and its cut not necessarily flattering for all the models, the little fashion piece of the 90s has not said its last words. This season, it's with a great deal of style that it's back in the forefront of our streetwear looks. And although it now exists in leather overalls, velvet overalls, dress overalls or colored overalls, it's the 90's denim overalls that takes the prize for the trendy garment this year!

In terms of colors, no need to procrastinate, we opt without hesitation for overalls in raw denim or light denim. But not just any overalls! You know the emblematic model with the kangaroo pocket in the front?

Then, we adapt the cut to its morphology. In straight and simple denim overalls for clean looks or more or less slim depending on your size. The cuts of large overalls are also making a comeback this season. Happy news for the aficionadas of oversized looks, you'll have a lot of fun!

For those who are looking for a cut halfway between the slim and the XXL overalls, it's for boyfriend overalls that we fall for. Cleverly mixed with our current basics, it will do wonders. Boyish and feminine at the same time, it offers casualness and style in a single look!

Finally, for the curvy women who wish to adopt the overalls in all femininity, we throw his devotion on an overalls skirt. This cut is ideal to flatter the curves and stretch the size.

Now you know what kind of overalls to choose for a Brenda Walsh style! Now, let's see how to accessorize it to avoid making a fashion misstep. Because if the idea is to create a beautiful casual vintage look, we must however integrate our current fashion criteria with trendy accessories to succeed in his outfit.

To make this blockbuster of the ninety enter our contemporary looks, it's very simple, we bet everything on the accessories!

Accessorize a woman's denim overalls: the best ideas for looks

From now on, denim overalls can be matched with many fashion pieces of our wardrobe. From the elegant shirt or blouse to the colorful sweater, it is possible to give it a more or less chic style depending on your desires. Here are 4 look ideas that are sure to work!

Denim and sailor overalls

Women's Jeans Overalls
In a crop-top version, a sailor sweater or a tee-shirt, the sailor works every time. Just add a pair of trendy sneakers (flat or platform) for a great retro-inspired casual look. For this very casual style, you can also choose a raw denim overall that you will roll up a little at the ankles for the small women or a retro model with a flare cut for the big ones!

Denim overalls and crop-top


It's the 100% ninety combination: crop-top and oversized overalls. A style as old as the world ( with girl power and boy band looks), but a style that still has so much character, be sure!

Oversized knit sweater, turtleneck or trendy sweater with denim overalls

Women's Bluejeans Overalls
From now on, we don't hesitate to add an oversized knit sweater or a trendy sweater under our overalls. With or without a hood, everything works! For a real 90's style, we dare the acidulous and colored sweater or the pastel tones well retro. Once again, with a style like this, the ideal is to put on a nice pair of sneakers or high boots!

The glam version of the 90's overalls :

For a dressed up look, pull out your best shirt or blouse. White shirt, ruffled blouse, lace blouse, high collar with frills, the idea is to womanize your outfit with a stylish top. An ideal way to wear overalls to work or in afterwork looks.

Of course, you'll have to swap your sneakers for a pair of leather mules, loafers or clogs in the summer and take out your heels or pumps in the winter! If you're used to bold looks, you can even try the socks and pumps look with your denim overalls!

Mistakes to avoid with denim overalls

  • The total denim look! If we love the total denim in fashion right now, we forget this trend with the denim overalls!
  • Be careful with the mix of lumberjack shirt and denim overalls. If the look can work, it is still very classic and not really nineties. You'll really have to play with the accessories of your outfit to give it a modern and female feel.
  • Exit the XXL cuts of denim overalls. Although we like the oversize effect (not too tight), we don't go for too wide models that totally blur the size.
  • Finally, very important point, we wear his overalls hung at the level of the chest or with a single strap, but we zap the teenager look with the top of the overalls which hangs on the thighs!
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