Wear Men's Overalls with Style

How to wear Men's Overalls with Style ?

Now that denim is the king of streetwear and casual looks, what about denim overalls for men? Is this garment, once associated with work clothes, a fashion piece that we can allow ourselves in our daily looks? According to fashion magazines and fashion shows, yes! But beware, if the overalls are back this season, it is with style that we must adopt it.

So how to wear overalls without fashion missteps? What color overalls are the latest trends? Ideas for looks, fashion tips, how to choose your overalls, everything is explained!

1- Overalls: from workwear to fashion piece

Workwear Overalls


No need to tell you, the overalls for men are originally workwear. Designed for fishing, DIY or even for construction site outfits, the overalls were born to protect workers or other manual laborers.

Since then, the one we used to wear over our clothes as a protection has become a timeless piece of clothing and a fashion item in its own right. Through the decades, it returns in our fashion shows and streetwear looks to give a casual fashion touch that we love to wear.

If for men, we had not seen much since the 90s, it signs its big return this year!

2- Are overalls made for your morphology ?

Like all clothing, overalls are more flattering for some types of morphology. And as it is making its comeback in the men's wardrobe, overalls can be worn in a manly way. To adopt it without looking too effeminate, you'll need confidence, class and a fair dose of good taste! In other words, you need to have your own style and not be afraid to wear the famous overalls in your trendy city looks!

As for the morphology, of course, we go for it if our size allows it. Muscular arms, tall man, sharpened size, man tattooed on the arms, you can wear the overalls without any problem.

However for small men and those who have curves, it will be necessary to be ingenious to find an overall that does not compress the size or that does not stress the curves. If this is your case, avoid oversized models and legs too wide or too tight.

3- Which overalls will be trendy in 2021 ?

Everyone remembers the 90's overalls fashion. A staple of rappers and streetwear looks like the The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, the denim overalls reigned supreme, off one shoulder (or two). This year, the overalls are worn in a streetwear register but much more urbanized. It is still trendy and casual, but it is no longer reserved for rappers. You will see a lot of hipsters, bearded men and tattooed men who dare to wear overalls with a lot of style.

Denim overalls

Overalls for Men

When it comes to materials, of course, we once again turn to the famous denim overalls. Whether they are in light denim, raw, black or even beige denim, it works for sure!

How to wear it? 

  • With a basic white t-shirt
  • This is the perfect option for summer. Basic white T-shirt, denim overalls rolled up at the ankles and sneakers on your feet and you're all set to go for a walk. Don't forget the men's cap that will add a lot of character to your look!

  • With a retro sweater or a hoodie
  • If you're looking for a modern urban style with a streetwear feel, this is definitely the way to wear overalls.

    Pull out your best hoodie (neutral color), preferably gray or white and wear your overalls over it.

    You can also surf on the nineties style with a sweater or a colored sweater. On your feet, dare to wear dress shoes, for a more dressed up style.

    Colored overalls

    Colored Overalls

    Bordeaux, khaki, beige, brown, navy blue, you can also decide to choose colorful overalls for men that you will approach in the same way: with a sweater or a basic white or cream tee under your overalls.

    Khaki overalls

    Green Men's Overalls

    Without forgetting khaki overalls for men, a perfect color for a masculine style. In long versions or short overalls for men in summer, just pair it with a white or gray tee. Want to give it a unique style? Add some accessories, like a bonnet or a light long coat!

    4- In summary

    • As you can see, overalls are just right this year!
    • Very easy to combine, it is simply worn over a white t-shirt or a sweater in neutral tones.
    • On the feet, sneakers are enough, but it can also be associated with high street shoes.
    • Anyway, we prefer it rolled up on the ankles and with a cap on the head, for a touch of style more!
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