How to wear Men's Overalls ?

How to wear Men's Overalls ?

Overalls are often mistakenly considered as women's clothing, well this is a mistake and I will prove you wrong in this article.

Overalls are often mistakenly considered as a woman's garment. Even worse, the image is often that of a garment worn by women at the time of their pregnancy. On rare occasions, some children also wear them. In short, it is anything but a fashion garment for men. Today I'm going to prove you wrong, by explaining how to wear your overalls gents!

Men's Overalls Exemple

1-Overall choice : Long or short ?

Before talking to you about the top and the accessories that you will be able to put with your overalls, I am going to talk to you at first about the length of your overalls.

You will have two main trends that will offer themselves to you:

  • The long overalls: they must be long and wide enough to give a puffy effect on your shoes. In addition, it will give a little volume to your ankles. If your overalls have shrunk or you didn't read my advice before buying them, nothing is lost. You can always make a cuff to show your ankles. However, it is out of the question to see your socks.
  • Short overalls like shorts or Bermuda shorts: it is so much more trendy. Here again, be careful not to take it too short, otherwise it will look more like a bodysuit than overalls.

As for the color, the most famous are the Black overalls and the blue denim overalls, but here again it's a personal choice, on the picture of the article I chose a red denim model!


It exists overalls made in all materials: leather, velvet or what do I know. But, again and not to deceive you, denim is and remains a must as far as overalls are concerned. You can even have several. Denim really does offer an infinite number of possibilities.

I draw your attention to the fact that  too raw jeans could be too fast workwear. Granted, overalls worn without a shirt with Caterpillars on your feet can be very sexy if you have a great body that you work out in the gym every week. Without it, you'll look more like Nintendo's Mario the plumber.

3-What to wear with overalls ?

I will not return to our example. There is little chance that you go out in the street without having put a garment under your overalls, again, to avoid the errors of taste and the associations with unlikely clothes. Here are the essentials that will work when you decide to wear overalls.

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A white tee-shirt, a classic denim overall

This is probably the simplest, but it's still effective. Now, there are white tees and white tees. There's nothing to stop you from taking a t-shirt that's rather tight in the summer and a little wider in the winter. You can even dare to wear a long-sleeved shirt, or even a white shirt. For the cooler evenings of late summer, the sailor look and boat shoes could work perfectly.

A hoodie

If you think that the looks I have just presented are too bobo, you can always opt for a more bad boy look with a hoodie, without forgetting the cap or the beanie firmly screwed on the head.

In a different spirit and a little more classic, you can also wear a turtleneck. You will have a casual look that will pass without any problem in many situations of everyday life. The turtleneck and overall look can even work at the office if your company practices Friday Wear.

Nothing, if you have the tarzan chest!

All kidding aside, there are plenty of options that will allow you to enhance your look. You just have to be attentive and daring. You can also look on fashion blogs and Instagram accounts to give you ideas. One trend that should be popping up around the corner very soon is the oversized long sleeve tee, which will work wonderfully with skinny overalls.


You're ready to go out, you just need a small accessory to make your overall look stand out from the crowd and make people turn on you in the street. Here are some essential accessories that you should always have at hand.

The fanny pack

Of course, there is no question of wearing your fanny pack around your waist, as you did in the 80s or as some tourists still do when visiting France. If you need to wear a fanny pack as a bag, just wear it as a holster. However, you have the choice between the right or left shoulder, I will let you know here!

The cap

There is no question to ask you about this point. You are free to wear a Five panel cap or an American trucker cap. You can dare to wear an old school cap, like the one our grandfathers used to wear, to give you a very hipster look.

5-What shoes to wear with overalls ?

The last little detail that can make all the difference is not the cut of your overalls, but your feet and the shoes you wear. Indeed, depending on the latter, your look can change completely.

6-White sneakers

This is undoubtedly the shoe that will mark your look the most. A pair of Nike Air Force 1 will go great with the hoodie. If you're looking for a wiser look, you can easily opt for a good pair of white converse or Stan Smith in the same color. For an even wiser look, you can put a pair of Justice Smith on your feet.

Overalls with Sneakers


For the summer, if you want to go for a drink in a straw hut, flip-flops or boat shoes, without socks (do we still have to say it?) will be perfectly suitable. On the other hand, you will have to make a good lapel to your overalls.

8-Flip-flop and Socks combination?!

For me there is no debate to have, unless you are a soccer player of League 1 or the French team. Flip-flop and socks combination is to be totally forgotten with an overall, well if you insist, my advices to wear flip-flops and socks are in this article.

9-The famous Caterpillar

This is the most classic pair of shoes with overalls, but still looks good, especially with a white tee. If you are in doubt, a pair of Caterpillars will always come to your rescue.

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