The Summer Dress to Wear

A Wink At The Summer Dress To Wear

Want to renew your wardrobe for a new style of dress? The summer dress is the appropriate garment for all body types and all circumstances. You don't have to be a model to look sexy and glamorous. Whether you prefer the casual style, the must-haves or simply assert your womanhood, discover in this article the essentials on the spring-summer collection.

1- Which dress cut to choose?

There are many different cuts of dresses, depending on the imagination of the tailor or the desires of the customers. The main categories are the short dress, the long dress, the asymmetrical dress and the strapless dress. Nevertheless, there are many other configurations according to the sizes of each one. Some prefer classics like the overall skirt, others prefer the printed dress, accompanied by a fancy jewel and comfortable derbies. To help you find your way around, here are some details.

The short dress

This model is the most favored in the world of women's fashion. It is suitable for every season, and almost every situation. The principle is that the length of the dress stops at the knee or higher, depending on taste. It is also ideal for women who are a bit short and want to look a bit taller.

The long dress

Fluid, ample and airy, the long dress is the symbol of a romantic woman. It is usually belted or accompanied by thin straps. Its length stops at the heels, even if some go down to the ground.

The asymmetric dress

Symbol of modernity, it is adapted to those who like the sophisticated style. It can be used as an evening dress, while being adapted to chic events. The asymmetry depends on the part of the body of the woman to put on the front of the stage. Some favor the off-shoulder dress, other tall women want to highlight one of their legs.

The skater dress

The main feature of this type of dress is its ability to highlight the broad hips of the woman. It is a timeless dress that can be worn for all occasions. The accessories that go with it are very varied, whether you wear pumps, boots or sneakers.

Black Overall Dress

2- Adapt the style of the dress to its morphology

The latest trends in women's fashion do not specify the existence of an official categorization of women's morphology. The right dress will vary according to your taste and the advice of your dressmaker. Nevertheless, here are some effective tips to enhance your size. For those with voluptuous shapes, or the figure 8 in the jargon, the majority of dresses fit you perfectly, as long as you know how to do it. However, be careful not to wear a tight dress if you have small breasts, or too wide.

For those whose shoulders are about the same width as their hips, a wrap dress or a trapeze dress is best. If your shoulders are narrower, choose sleeveless or short-sleeved dresses. This way, you can add accessories to balance out your size.

3- The printed dress, a special category

Prints have a prominent place for this summer. It must be said that this type of dress encompasses various styles, while being light, female and timeless. The prejudice that it is not suitable for some types of body is totally wrong. It is enough to choose it well. In fact, many famous designers have added the printed dress in their new collection. A scarf print, wide and flowing patterns with pumps will make you a confident and casual woman.

For those who love the bohemian style, the floral print is better advised. Pair it with a pair of wedge sandals, a hat and a bag to make the perfect outfit. If you like the vintage style but still elegant, adopt the check-print dress with sneakers or simple sandals.

Bohemian Dress

4- The right dress for every situation

If you're going to wear a dress, you might as well do it well and in accordance with the environment in which you evolve. When going to the office, it is better to avoid the short dress that goes up when you sit down. Don't wear a dress that is too casual, such as one with thin straps, so as not to appear vulgar. If you are attending a formal event, choose the elegance of a lace or satin dress.

Those who are expecting a child are in a special situation, because their morphology can change overnight. It is then strongly advised to wear the garment that makes you feel comfortable, without looking like a woman without taste. During your days of relaxation, prefer the beach dress to better support the heat.

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